Ruptly – LIVE: New Delhi: moon partially blocks the sun during annular eclipse

Veröffentlicht am 21.06.2020

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Ruptly is live from New Delhi on Sunday, June 21, as an annular solar eclipse occurs, with the Sun partially blocked from view by the Moon.

The phenomenon in which the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking it out partially, is set to begin at 10:19 local time (04:49 GMT), reach its peak at 12:01 (06:31 GMT) and end at 13:48 (08:18 GMT).

The annular eclipse, known as a ‚ring of fire‘ because of the bright ring of sunlight it draws around the Moon, is expected to be visible from parts of Africa and Asia, including the Central African Republic, Congo, Ethiopia, southern Pakistan, northern India, and China.

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